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Tropicals in New England

This year I particularly enjoyed a couple tropical plants that I added to my patio. I purchased an Inca Sun Brugmansia from Logees and planted it in a large pot on my patio. I was rewarded with the most spectacular trumpet shaped blossoms.
On the other side of the patio, I put a trellis and added a lovely pink mandevilla. It is unbelieveable the number of flowers and growth that this plant has. I couldn’t dream of a more lovely plant. The wavy pink flowers are prolific and so vibrant. These vines will grow 7 to 10 feet per season.

Pink Mandevilla

I am hoping to winter over these tropicals. There are two suggested techniques for wintering these fragile plants. First they must be brought inside before the temperatures drops below 60 degrees. It was recommended that you hose them down thoroughly to remove any pests before bringing them in the house. One can try to keep them active all winter with regularly watering and sunlight. They are likely to be somewhat sad house plants. Alternately you can cut them back by 2/3 and let them go dormant. Put them in a cool dark place and water them about once a month to keep them from drying out completely. In early spring the plant will begin to come back to life. Begin watering, repot and put outside in May or June after all danger of frost.

So this year I will bring these beauties inside and hope to have even more wonderful tropical blossoms to enjoy next summer.

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