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SECT Garden Club Meeting

Arija and Betty O’Donnell attended the SECT Garden Club Meeting
at the Waterford Public Library and found it to be worthwhile.

Topics of Interest:

  • The Spring Symposium of the Hardy Plant Society, to be held March 1st at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 371 Wolcott Hill Road, Wethersfield. 10 am. Exciting ornamentals for the New Season especially suitable to Connecticut gardens is a topic.
  • Most clubs support F.R.E.S.H., and Habitat for Humanity. The latter needs gardening tools. If members of the club, or another source has implements for donation, contact: Wendy Kelleher 572-0441.
  • Bar codes in grocery stores include a scan number. #8 indicates a product has been genetically engineered. #9 indicates a product has been organically grown.
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