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Mystic Garden Club membership is by invitation and membership is limited to 65 active members.  A waiting list of recommended members is maintained.

Obligations of Membership

Each Club member is expected to attend all regular meetings except as provided in the Bylaws. Since monthly meeting notices are not sent, it is each member’s responsibility to enter meeting dates on her/his calendar when the Annual is published.

There are occasions when the Club undertakes a project that requires the participation of every member to achieve success; therefore, the participation requirements of each active member set forth below are minimal requirements, and more extensive participation is encouraged.

  1. Serve on a hospitality committee once yearly.
  2. Serve on two standing committees of her/his choice. Volunteering for a committee when interest sheets are distributed to each member assures participation in the activity of greatest interest.
  3. Assist the Civic Committee in any major civic project under­taken by the Club.
  4. Assist the Garden Therapy Committee with their programs at least once during the year.
  5. When a flower show is scheduled, each member is to serve on at least one committee and enter one or more of the exhibit classes.
  6. Participate in the annual Greens Sale through workshops, setup and sale days.
  7. Be willing to chair a committee or take similar responsibility.

Any Club member considering proposing someone for membership should find or create an opportunity to discuss these requirements with that person.

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