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January Meeting 2016

After the most successful Greens Sale in the Mystic Garden Club’s history, our Club enjoyed a well-deserved rest over the holidays.

We were back together in January to hear an informative presentation by Mr. Ian Cooke whose topic was ” Tips for reworking Your Garden” which was well-received by the membership.

Mr. Cooke gave a power point presentation on his experiences and the techniques he has used over many years in the landscape design business. He spoke at length about Mycorrhiza.

“Studies have shown Mycorrhiza to positively influence 90% of all plant material. The translation from Greek means “fungus-root”. Mycorrhiza and plants have a symbiotic association, where each benefits from coexistence with the other. The fungus absorbs the by-products of organic matter found in the soil profile and the plant absorbs nutrients from the fungus. Mycorrhiza is the critical link between the plant root and soil.”

A complete description of Mr. Cooke’s work and professional experience can be found at his website:



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