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Hawaiian Flowers

We have been coming to Hawaii for the past 5 winters. I am always so impressed with the flora and fauna here. There are several botanical gardens “up country” which means part way up the side of the volcano. The elevation assures more moisture and a slightly cooler climate than at sea level. I am always struck by the very vivid colors of the plants here. By comparison our flowers seem soft and pastel while here in Hawaii everything is large and bright and vivid.
The first year we visited the Enchanting Floral Gardens they were full of abundant blooms. There were little signs identifying the hundreds and hundreds of varieties of plants. It was obviously the life’s work of someone very dedicated. Unfortunately it was somewhat over grown but still very charming and lush. Each year we have visited it has become more and more overgrown and some things have been sheared back without any real thought to the pruning. As a result our visit this year was very disappointing. Things are overgrown but no longer blooming profusely. They look tired and strangled.

Most hotels and condos have wonderfully manicured lawns and plantings in Hawaii. There are gardeners working constantly to keep things under control. Hibiscus and bougainvillea grow as profuse hedges. Orchids grow in large pots in lobbies everywhere.

I’ve taken some of my favorite flower photos from our visits here and put them in a slide show. I hope you enjoy it. You will recognize many flowers we use as annuals and plants that we use as house plants.

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