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Earth Friendly

The Mystic Garden club is taking steps to be friendly to the environment. Barbara Tacy has been presenting information on packaging, helping us to differentiate between packaging which is recyclable and which is not. Members are encouraged to stop purchasing items which are encased in non-recyclable materials. The impermeable plastic wrapping called “clamshell” packaging is both frustrating and non-recyclable.

The major retailer, has joined with its suppliers to eliminate the very frustrating “clamshell” packaging.

The New York Times reported ..

In Amazon’s “frustration-free packaging” initiative involving Mattel, its subsidiary Fisher-Price, Microsoft and Transcend, an electronics maker, the companies will ship some of their best-selling products to Amazon in cardboard boxes that don’t fight back.

These cardboard boxes are also recyclable. You can read the whole article at Packages You Won’t Need a Saw to Open.

Members are also encouraged to use re-usable shopping bags.  (See our blog article Going Green – ReUsable Shopping Bags)

The Mystic Garden Club sells reusable, Earth Friendly shopping bags.

The photo below shows the items presented to identify as recyclable or non-recyclable.

The items on the left can be recycled while the ones on the right must go in the trash or be reused.

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