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Did You Know?

The Mystic Garden Club will be celebrating 35 years, doing the annual “GREEN SALE”
The Lower Mystic cemetery depicts many chapters of our Country’s history. It is the final resting place of veterans from at least three wars. There are five veterans from the War of 1812, who helped to defend Mystic from British coastal raids. We are also honored to have 24 Civil War veterans in our burial place, including Medal of Honor recipient Capt. John Knight Bucklyn who is interred in the mausoleum. In addition, two Spanish-American War veterans are buried in the cemetery-Lucian O. Allen and William Lewis.
There are also two members of he California Gold rush buried there. Three young Mystic men, Charles Sisson, Thomas Wolfe and Ransford Ashby jr. came down with the gold rush fever and left together to search for gold. Failing to find riches, they embarked on a return steamer which landed on the Nicaraguan Isthmus. Ashby died of fever at Chagres, but Wolfe and Sisson returned to Mystic months later, in time to attend Ashby’s burial in lower Mystic. After a successful career as a sea captain, Sisson died in 1885 and was laid to rest not far from our Bradford Pear Tree. His stone bears a representation of a sailing ship.
The Mystic Garden Club has donated $1000 last year to the Lower Mystic Cemetery for mowing the grass there.

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