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Standing Committees

 CIVIC/LANDSCAPE DESIGN: shall present to the Executive Board suggestions for local civic projects. Projects selected by the Board shall be submitted to the membership for approval. The committee shall, where possible, be responsible for maintenance of past Civic projects. It shall stimulate interest in good landscape design and shall assist members of the community, when appropriate, in planning their planting projects.

CONSERVATION/BIRD LIFE: shall foster an interest in all phases of conservation, both local and national, shall implement projects for Club participation and shall present programs when requested.

DESIGN/EXHIBIT: shall stimulate an interest in flower arranging, present classes, workshops, programs and field trips when requested; provide flower arrangements or suitable decorations for civic activities or special events; serve as custodian of the Club’s properties and coordinate the Club’s participation in other area shows.

GARDEN THERAPY: shall plan, coordinate and provide therapeutic programs as requested.

GREENS SALE: shall be responsible for planning and implementing an annual Greens Sale, shall be responsible for all purchases, workshops, setup and cleanup necessary for the successful operation of the sale.

HORTICULTURE: shall stimulate interest in horticulture, shall present programs or workshops when requested, with membership  participation shall supply and oversee a plant table at the Mystic & Noank Library’s Fair, an annual spring fundraising event.

HOSPITALITY: Chair shall appoint members to monthly hospitality committees with the assistance of Leadership Potential and shall serve as custodian of the Club’s hospitality properties.

LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL: shall guide members toward Club activities best suited to their interests and capabilities, update annually members’ interests/ideas. The Past President shall chair this committee and shall serve as Chairperson of the Nominating Committee.

ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY: shall be responsible for the cleanup of a street designated by the Towns of Groton/Stonington.

PUBLICITY: shall report to the local media all Club activities relating to the community; i.e. donations made to local interests (though not dollar amount), awards/scholarships made by the Club. List officers elected at the Annual Meeting and be responsible for advertising/reporting all special events of the Club.

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