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5th Annual Fresh Party

submitted by Barbara Rousseau


FRESH 5th Anniversary Party!

Come join us to celebrate five years transforming the food system and much more in New London! We’re celebrating this occasion with a party at the community garden. There will be plenty to look forward to at the party! Make a pizza with the new oven, learn about canning food, snack on food made by the FRESH Youth Crew, join in the raffle, and get your fortune read for $10 with a tarot card reader! So come on down to join us on September 19, 2009. It kicks off at 2:00 pm and goesuntil 5:00pm so don’t miss the excitement!
Important details for you to know!

FRESH Anniversary Party
September 19, 2009
Rain or shine!

FRESH Community Garden on the corner of Williams and Mercer Sts.


What sort of fun will be happening at the party?

Pizza oven! We’ll finally be able to use our wonderful brand new oven. Top your pizza off with fresh vegetables from the FRESH farm.

Food Canning Workshop! Learn the basics of food canning with Heidi Larson-Cleveland.

Raffle! Enter into our raffle to win amazing items, just $1 per ticket.

Food! Enjoy some food made by the FRESH Youth Crew.

Tarot card readings! Get your fortune told for the small price of $10!

Music! Enjoy everything at the party while you listen to some tunes.

This sounds like a really good time so I hope that you will join us on September 19th so you can experience this joyous celebration. Bring some friends, bring your kids, and bring your high spirits. if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


c/o Gemma Moran/United Way Lab
New London, Connecticut 06320
860.444.8050, ext.14

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