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2007 MGC Questionnaire Responses

The following is a summary of the results of the 2007 Mystic Garden Club Membership Questionnaire

By Barbara Ginsberg

Favorite Program

Carole King

Thames River Greenery Garden Rooms – Kevin Joeckel Herb Lady – Jodie Gilson

Peter Cummin

Hands On Demonstrations Holiday Decorating

Garden Design


Garden Trips

Arnold Arboretum Back Bay Gardens Boscobel

Boston Flower Show

Bronx Botanical Gardens Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Carole King’s gardens Chelsea

Clark Museum

Edith Wharton’s house Elizabeth Park in June

Greenwich Garden Education Center Logees

Longwood Gardens and Winterthur Nursery crawl

Philadelphia Flower Show

Roger Williams Park Botanical Center Sod field

Sydney Eddison’s garden Wild flower gardens White Flower Farm

Favorite Event

Garden Stroll- 32 votes

House Tour – 14 votes

Flower Show – 7 votes


Become more visible

Better wreaths

Better chairs

Better sound system

Better projector

Name tags in plastic casing

Name tags at Greens Sale workshops

Close Greens Sale at noon or 1 pm on Saturday

Pin on microphone for speaker

Maggie Jones for Hummingbird program

Judy Nickerson for a program

Start meeting between 12:15 and 12:30

Evening meetings

Younger members

Ice water with lemon in glasses at luncheon

Sponsors should know the
ir duties

New member orientation and buddy system for 1 year

Involve new members to feel comfortable stepping up

Inform members of their responsibilities

Each member should be willing to chair a committee

Open and close member’s gardens

More gardening activities

Growing rather than decorating and arranging

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty

Field trips to improve horticulture knowledge

Work with other clubs for input

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