Entries from December 2007

MGC 35th Annual Greens Sale Photos

December 6, 2007

Greens Sale Trimmings

December 5, 2007

For 35 years, the Mystic Garden Club’s main source of revenue has been from our Green Sale. This year’s production was unparalleled in the history of this sale.Linda McArthur and Barbara Tacy built upon their experience as directors from last year to assemble a strong cast of players and materials with which they could accentuate […]

A Special Thanks to the Co-Chairs – Linda & Barbara

December 2, 2007

Linda and Barbara worked all year long to make this – the 35th Annual Greens Sale, the biggest success ever! They are receiving a little of their much deserved thanks and praise.Celia Gallup, Gail Ettinger, Linda McArthur, Barbara Tacy These photos were taken by Greg Stone. He has shared them on Shutterfly and you can […]

The Worker Appreciation Party

December 2, 2007

The Worker Appreciation was a big success. After the many, many hours that everyone put into the preparations for the Greens Sale it was time for a celebration! The first day was a tremendous success and before the party the walls were refilled and more boxwood trees were quickly assembled. People made phone calls to […]